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  • New Replacement Canopies Now In Stock

    New Replacement Canopies Now In Stock

    It's a wintery day here today at Gazebo Spare Parts but we have some good news. We have been busy working on some new replacement canopies, thanks to interest from our wonderful customers, and they are now in stock! Spring might be a little way off yet, but for those that like to be prepared we have the following new canopies available now: 




    Canopy for the Homebase Marquee Patio Gazebo (Catalogue no. 405331)



    Canopy for the Blooma Shamal Patio Gazebo (Catalogue no. 5052931160945)



    Canopy for the Glendale Venice Patio Gazebo (Catalogue no. GL0050)



    Canopy for the St Tropez Retractable Patio Gazebo (Catalogue no. PERWM1



    Littlewoods 3m Round Steel Patio Gazebo (Catalogue no. M6AXE25)

    Follow the links above to see more about each canopy, or see the following link for our entire range of patio gazebo canopies. As always, please get in touch if you can't find what you're looking for.

  • Make the Most of Your Garden - Even in the Colder Months

    Make the Most of Your Garden - Even in the Colder Months

    The days are getting shorter and the darker winter nights are closing in. Take a look at our new range of Outdoor Lighting to brighten up your evenings, and make the most of your garden even in the colder months.

    They are selling fast and due to their popularity we are sure to increase the range. The current range includes different coloured string lights, lanterns, hanging lights and wind chimes. What sets these apart from other garden lights is that the whole range is solar powered, and some are even dual powered, so you can use batteries in the winter months. This means there is no need for annoying wires trailing from power points with these lights. Perfect to brighten up your garden in those darker winter evenings!

    We have carefully selected this range of lighting to go alongside your Gazebo or patio furniture. Take a look at our range of lights and gazebo parts by following this link to our website here. We also have some great photos in our photo gallery to give you inspiration from other customers.

    As always, thank you for your continued support and custom. We love hearing from you and enjoy receiving any photos you may have of our products. If you would like any further advice or have any questions please get in touch.

  • Measurement Guides

    Measurement Guides

    At Gazebo Spare Parts we offer a large range of replacement canopies, most of which are made specifically to fit a specific model of gazebo/parasol/swing seat. This should make it easy to find the replacement canopy you need by typing your catalogue number, model name or brand into the search box at the top of the page to display the appropriate replacement canopy for you.

    But what do you do if you don't know the model name/number or if we do not sell a specific replacement canopy for that catalogue number? This is when we would need you to take a few measurements from your canopy and compare them to the measurements we give for each of our replacement canopies, which can be slightly more difficult as every canopy has different features that need to be measured.

    So, to help with this, we have created some 'Measurement Guides' to show you how and where to measure your canopies. We have guides for Patio Gazebo Canopies, Parasol Canopies and Swing Seats/Hammock Canopies, all designed to help you identify the type of canopy you need and take the correct measurements to ensure you find the best matched canopy for your frame.

    And as always, please get in touch if have any questions at all, we are here to help. 



  • New for Autumn 🍂

    New for Autumn 🍂

    After a glorious Summer, the leaves are starting to change from green to yellow and crimson and with those crisp Autumn days it is time to start thinking about packing the garden furniture away for another year. This year we have expanded our range of Protective Covers, adding a stacking chair cover and a cushion bag to our current range that includes parasols and swing seat protective covers. 

    We have also added new products to our Outdoor Lighting range to bring your garden to life as the evenings begin to draw in.  

    Protective Covers

    To protect your garden furniture from the elements, we stock a number of different protective covers,  These covers should protect against all weathers, dirt and grime. 

    Parasol Covers - suitable for different sized parasols and even cantilever parasol.
    Swing Seat CoversWhilst taking the canopy down for winter and the cushions indoors can help your swing seat last longer, sometimes a protective cover is needed to protect the frame itself. 
    Chair Covers - A weatherproof protective cover for stacking chairs.
    Cushion Storage Bags - if you're keeping your cushions in a shed or garage, these cushion storage bags will keep the cushions together and protect them from damp and grime.

    Outdoor Lighting

    Our range of outdoor lighting has expanded to include different coloured string lights, lanterns, hanging lights and wind chimes. The whole range is solar powered, and some are dual powered so you can use batteries in the winter months, meaning there is no need for trailing wires and outdoor power points. We have carefully selected this range of lighting to complement your gazebo and patio furniture and help you bring your garden to life. 

    Shop Now or take a look at our photo gallery 📷 for inspiration from other customers.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers. Please continue to provide your feedback, send us your photos, give us new ideas, and ask any questions you have - we love hearing from you! 

  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    One of our favourite things about this business is the feedback we receive from our wonderful customers. Being a small family business (read more about us), we are extremely proud of our 5 ⭐ reviews and work hard to keep our customers happy. 

    We are very lucky to be sent some amazing photos from our customers of their replacement canopies/parts in use. We love to see your gardens and find it so exciting to see our replacement parts in use - so please keep sending them in! 

    We have been sent so many wonderful photos that we have made a photo gallery to make it easier to view these photos in one place and to provide inspiration for your gazebos/gardens so have a browse if you feel like it here and keep sending your photos in. We also regularly add these customer review photos to our Instagram account so if you have Instagram you can follow us there: @gazebospareparts

    Have a great Bank Holiday weekend everyone ☀️ the sun is supposed to making an appearance across the UK so hopefully you all get a chance to get out and enjoy your gardens.

  • How to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

    How to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

    With our motto being 'why replace when you can repair?' and all of us being quite environmentally conscious at home, one of our main aims for this year was to see what we could do to become a bit more environmentally friendly at Gazebo Spare Parts. Here's what we've come up with so far:

    1. Electricity 

    • We turn off all office equipment (laptops, printers etc) that don't need to be on overnight. Select the most energy-efficient settings for monitors (e.g. making laptop sleep after 15 minutes without use etc). 
    • We use LED bulbs where possible and try to take advantage of natural light.
    • We turn lights off in rooms that aren't being used e.g. kitchens/bathrooms.

      2. Reduce Reuse Recycle (Refuse)

      • Reduce paper usage - emailing documents and using digital copies.
      • Reuse hand towels/tea towels that can be washed rather than single-use paper towels. 
      • Recycle - we have recycle bins in the office, warehouse and kitchenette.
      • Refuse - We don't have a water cooler/coffee machine, but we do drink a lot of tea and use mugs/glasses rather than disposable cups. 
      • We are changing to recycled paper for our printer/office use.

        3. Printer Settings

        • We print our invoices using the draft printing mode and we don't print in colour (which generally uses more ink). We will be trialling not printing invoices at all later this year and emailing them instead. 
        • We recycle our ink cartridges.
        • We save paper by only printing when necessary and printing on both sides of the paper.

        4. Packaging

        Over the next couple of years, we are looking to make all of our packaging recyclable. At the moment, we use:

        • Cardboard boxes for our canopies.
        • Biodegradable bubblewrap on items that may sustain damage in transit e.g. poles (only where necessary).

        And in the future we are looking at:

        • Using cardboard boxes rather than our current plastic tubing for our poles, which would also have the added bonus of preventing the need to use bubble wrap.
        • Cardboard envelopes rather than jiffy bags for our smaller parts.

        5. Other Ideas

        • Green cleaning products - we use eco-friendly cleaning products in our kitchenette and bathroom.
        • Go green - literally - we have plants in our office which recycle air and have the added bonus of making the office look nice.


        Being an office of just three people, we have found it quite easy to make a few changes. I can imagine in a busy, larger office it may be more difficult; especially with colleagues that don't think it's important or limited resources/funds to implement new systems etc. Small changes do add up to make a big difference though, so consider adding a recycling bin in the kitchen to make it easy for people to recycle, or stop providing single-use items such as plastic cups and encourage people to bring their own reusable bottles/mugs. 

        Do you try and run an environmentally conscious office/home? Get in touch and give us your suggestions on what we could do to make our office better and let us know what you do to make your office/home more 'green'.