Gazebo OR Marquee Rain Gutter Kit - 3m
  • Gazebo OR Marquee Rain Gutter Kit - 3m
  • Gazebo Rain Gutter Kit seals two gazebos side by side
  • Gazebo Gutter velcroes to inside of gazebo canopy.

Rain Gutter Kit


Item No: GSP170

Item Description:
This Gutter is used when two gazebos are side-to-side in order to stop the rain leaking through the gap between the canopies. The gutter has two continuous velcro strips, one each of which attach to the inside velcro strip on the inside of the valance of each gazebo. Our gutters are made entirely from PVC (excluding the velcro) making them more durable than the polyester equivalents.
Material: PVC with velcro
Colour: White
Velcro type: Hook

Dimensions of Rain Gutter Kit:
Length: 3/4.5m (not including tapered ends)

Compatible with any gazebo where the valance has a velcro strip running along the inside. Velcro must be loop type, to correspond with hook velcro on the gutter.

The 3m size weighs 700g.
The 4.5m size weighs 1kg.
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Extra Information:
Please note: This item can only be used on gazebos where the canopy has a continuous velcro strip running along the inside of the valance.
May also be known as: Gutter Accessory, Rain Strip

Item No: GSP170

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