Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Choosing Your Part

How do I know which part I need?

What can I do if you don't have the part I need?


Which payment methods do you accept?

Can I collect an item?

Where can I find delivery information?

An item is out of stock, can I pre-order?

Do you offer international shipping?

Are prices inclusive of VAT?

Will I be supplied with a VAT invoice?

How do I use my voucher code?

After Sales

Can I make changes to my order?

My order hasn't arrived within the estimated time frame.

What if my item arrives and has been damaged in transit?

What is your returns policy?

How should I return an order to you?

What if my item is faulty, either initially or one that develops later?

Product Care

Product Maintenance

How can I best use and maintain my canopy or curtain set?

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