At Gazebo Spare Parts, we are strong believers of the benefits of recycling and repairing where possible. We stock everything needed to repair, replace, or revitalise your Pop-up, Self-assembly or Patio Gazebo. We now also stock a range of Gazebo Accessories, as well as replacement canopies for Hammocks/Swing Seats and Parasols.

Meet the Team

Luke Pepper




Tom Pepper




We are a family business - Luke and Tom are twin brothers; Ashleigh is Luke's wife and Luke and Ashleigh bring their dog Wilfred the Scottish Terrier into work every day to complete the team. 

Having just three members of staff (and a dog) does mean that Spring and Summer are extremely busy for us, but it also means that we are all involved in every aspect of the business. We do almost everything in-house, from designing the website to packing orders, which means we can make sure everything is running smoothly and to a high standard that we are all happy with. 

A little bit about Gazebo Spare Parts

Our Story

Gazebo Spare Parts Ltd was founded in 2012 by Tom and Luke and started as a side project to their other business at the time, selling heavy duty gazebos. They soon realised the demand for the replacement parts and turned their sole focus to Gazebo Spare Parts and shortly afterwards Ashleigh joined the team. As well as the frame parts for pop-up and self-assembly gazebos, new lines were added such as patio gazebo canopies and curtain sets and the rest, as they say, is history. 


    Increased range: 

    • We stock more than 50 replacement canopies for specific models of patio gazebos, and this number increases every year. 
    • We have introduced our own range of 'universal' curtain sets for patio gazebos.
    • We now also sell replacement canopies for parasols and swing seats.
    • Our range includes gazebo accessories such as carry bags and peg and guy rope sets.
      Greener is better:
      • We use minimal packaging, recyclable where possible.
      • We use cardboard boxes for most items and our bubble-wrap is biodegradable. 
        • We ship worldwide.
          • Most crucially, Wilf the Scottish Terrier joined Gazebo Spare Parts in 2016 and has been particularly helpful with shredding cardboard boxes and greeting the couriers.


            For us, 2020 will be our most eco-friendly year yet. During 2018 we tested a number of new packaging ideas because we felt uneasy about the amount of plastic we used as a company in the packaging for our products. We are now pleased to say that we are moving towards being plastic free, and we will be phasing any remaining non-recyclable packaging where possible over 2020.

            In the last year we have stopped using jiffy bags (bubble wrap lined) and plastic tubing in favour of cardboard sleeves, Kraft paper bags and cardboard tubes, all of which can be recycled. We have reduced packaging where possible and any bubble-wrap we do use is biodegradable. We no longer send paper invoices with our parcels and instead send them via email. We add customer returns to our clearance section when they cannot be sold 'as new' so that they can still be used rather than being disposed of. And of course, the main aim of Gazebo Spare Parts is to extend the life of your gazebo or garden furniture and preventing it being thrown away. 

            In the office we all recycle and reuse as much as possible and Wilf is very helpful with shredding cardboard boxes before they go into the recycle bin, so everyone here is trying to do their bit (ideas for becoming more eco-friendly). As always, this year we will continue to expand our range and we're always on the lookout for new products; keep an eye out for our blogs or across social media to see our most up to news.