Canopy Care Advice

These instructions are a guide for the care, maintenance and safe use of your replacement canopy or curtain set (including Ripstop variants) and do not apply to the general use of the whole gazebo. For instructions on general use, please refer to the instruction manual supplied with the gazebo (see our Instructions Database if you've lost yours).

Replacement Patio Gazebo Canopy Green


Canopy Care

Care and Maintenance

Canopy Care

- These products should be stored under cover or removed and packed away, during prolonged spells of bad weather and during the Winter.
- Clean and dry the item thoroughly before storage.
- To clean, use warm soapy water and a soft damp cloth.
- Never use solvents, scourers, abrasives, bleach, acids, strong detergents or aggressive chemical cleaners on these products.
- Do not use a high-pressure washer to clean this product.
- If you have purchased a water resistant version then this can be coated with a waterproofing agent should you wish to.
- This product has a reasonable level of protection against UV degradation, however as with any material it will begin to fade and degrade after long periods of exposure to the sun.



- Keep away from naked flame and heat sources; our canopies are not flame retardant.
- Remove during periods of adverse weather including high winds, storms and snow.
- Take care when replacing the canopy. If using ladders, have someone hold the foot of the ladder.
- If you are unsure on how to replace the canopy, please contact us for advice to avoid the risk of tearing the canopy which can occur if replaced incorrectly.