• Spring Sale now on!

    The Spring Sale is here! Refresh your outdoor space with 25% off on selected replacement parasol canopies

    We also have the replacement canopies for cantilever parasol that we mentioned in an earlier blog coming in next month; ready for summer sunshine and barbecues with family and friends or just five minutes peace with a cup of tea in the garden. 

    In addition to our Spring Sale, we are always adding to our clearance section which includes our end of line items, last years stock, and damaged goods. There are some real bargains to be had here on everything from gazebo canopies to swing seat and parasol canopies. Grab them quickly though, because once they're gone, they're gone!


  • New Products Due in 2017 - Introducing our Cantilever Parasol Replacement Canopies

    Spring has sprung!

    It's two days since the Vernal Equinox, and Spring seems to have finally arrived with some lovely warm sunshine, albeit mixed in with some slightly premature April showers! 

    It's a great time for us to announce another new range of replacement canopies that we have now designed, tested, and manufactured, due to arrive with us during the Summer of this year. We've continued to focus our efforts on increasing our range of Parasol Replacement Canopies, and are pleased to announce 6 new versions, all designed specifically for cantilever models rather than the standard "free-standing" versions.

    For those who don't know, a cantilever parasol is one where the supporting pole is not central - it instead stands to the side of the canopy, with the weight of the canopy cantilevered by the weight of the base.

    You would be right to note that due to the cantilever design these canopies cannot usually be removed from the frame, and therefore it would be reasonable to think that it would not be possible to fit a replacement. However our canopies each have specially designed features which allow them to be fitted to the frame despite this. So whilst you may not be able to conveniently remove that old and tired original canopy (someone grab the scissors!), you an can be confident that we've thought of everything when it comes to fitting our replacements.

    We believe that we're the only company in the UK who sell replacement canopies to fit Cantilever Parasols. 

    6 New Canopies for 6 Models of Parasol

    We should take this opportunity to advise that our six new models of replacement canopy have only been designed to fit one specific model each. In each instance we have tested our replacement on the intended model of parasol, and made all the adjustments necessary to allow it to be fitted to the cantilever frame. In some instances this means a velcro strip to fasten and unfasten part of the vent, or sometimes a larger strip on the main section of the canopy. Each model of parasol is unique and each of our canopies are uniquely designed to fit their intended model.

    We therefore ask all customer to observe the compatibility information with particular care, and if it is your intention to use one of these canopies for a model not shown then please do check the photos, description, and measurements. If unsure, please get in touch.  

    1) Item no GSP532 - Replacement Canopy for the Ikea Baggon 2.5m Cantilever Garden Parasol (2016 catalogue number 502.602.84)
    2) Item no GSP533 - Replacement Canopy for the Ikea Seglaro 3.3m x 2.4m Cantilever Garden Parasol (2016 catalogue number 702.603.20)
    3) Item no GSP534 - Replacement Canopy for The Range 2.6m Cantilever Garden Parasol (2016 catalogue numbers 913632, 913612)
    4) Item no GSP535 - Replacement Canopy for the Homebase 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol (2016 catalogue numbers 126274, 368183)
    5) Item no GSP536 - Replacement Canopy for the Homebase 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol (2015-2016 catalogue number 149131)
    6) Item no GSP537 - Replacement Canopy for The Range 2.7m Cantilever Garden Parasol (2016 catalogue numbers 121591, 121592)

    All items are due in this Summer 2017. Please keep an eye on the listings (by following the links above) and we will update this estimate when we are able to.

    We're always open to suggestions...

    The start of Spring signifies for us the start of our busier season, and we now turn our attention towards fulfilling your orders and answering your emails. We are however always interested to know if you're looking for a replacement canopy or part for a model which is not listed on our website. We may be able to suggest an alternative product, or we may be able to add it to next year's potential new products!

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch, we're always happy to speak to you and look forward to receiving your calls and emails!

  • New Product Due in 2017 - Metal Strut at 100cm Length, Oval, White

    A new colour of strut means less conspicuous repairs!

    Our new(ish!) range of Individual Metal Struts have been incredibly popular this last year or so. However, as they are rectangular in profile and grey in colour they haven't quite met all of our customer's needs....

    So, due to popular demand, we are introducing a 100cm strut with two main differences - this one will be white in colour and with an oval profile.

    No longer will you have to hand back the borrowed gazebo with a suspiciously darker strut in place of the one that your mate Dave tried to do a chin-up from! With both grey and white being the two most popular colours for high street gazebo frames, we're now able to get even more of you out of trouble with friends/partners/in-laws.

    This strut will initially be available in just the 100cm length, but if this proves popular then expect to see a greater range of sizes soon!

     Click here to check out this item, which is due in at the start of May. Plenty of time to explain to Dave that just because the gazebo instructions don't explicitly mention chin-ups doesn't mean they're a good idea. They also don't mention gazebo jousting.... 

  • 5 Benefits of Fixing Your Gazebo (Rather Than Replacing It!)

    Why is fixing your gazebo a better idea than replacing it?

    1. Money Saving

    • For pop up and self-assembly gazebos sometimes it can take as little as a few pounds for a replacement part which will fix your gazebo.
    • For patio gazebos, a new canopy can make your gazebo look brand new for fraction of cost of a new gazebo. Party coming up? A new canopy will freshen up your gazebo, making it look like new.

      2. More Environmentally Friendly

      • We all know we should be as environmentally friendly as possible - recycle or reuse where you can! Purchasing a replacement part or canopy can extend the life of your gazebo by many years. 

      3. Convenience

      • No fiddly dismantling of the broken gazebo
      • No tip run
      • No trip to the shops - a couple of clicks and the spare part can be on the way to you.

      4. Improved Spare Parts and Canopies

      • Most of our canopies are made specifically to fit certain models of gazebos (or hammocks/swing seats or parasols/umbrellas…) so you know the canopy is going to fit perfectly. And for each of our canopies, we haven't only made them specifically to fit, we have improved them, adding extra velcro strips or eyelets for water drainage where appropriate, making them better than the originals!
      • Most of our brackets are stronger than the originals. 
      • Fancy a change? We stock some of our canopies in a choice of colours. Want to feel serene under a green canopy? Go for it! Would you rather be cool under a cream canopy? Your choice!
      • Live somewhere windy? Some of our canopies are available in our premium 'RipStop' fabric - making them more resistant to tearing - a definite upgrade.

      5. Sense of achievement

      • Not that we need much encouragement, but getting the tools out to replace that broken part, or the ladder out to change the canopy is definitely worth a nice glass of wine under the gazebo, allowing you to admire your handiwork! 

      Pop Up Gazebo

    • New Products Due in 2017 - Universal Curtain Sets for Patio Gazebos

      Here at Gazebo Spare Parts we're not only trying to expand our range of spares and replacements to fit existing models, but also to develop and design new products to fit gaps in the gazebos and garden furniture market.

      Last year we expanded our range of replacement curtain sets for existing models of Patio Gazebos*, but these will of course only fit the model of gazebo they are designed for, with a lot of variation between sets that would fit supposedly "similar" sized gazebos (we sell three different sets for three different "3m x 3m" models!).

      *remember that "Patio Gazebo" is the term we use for the semi-permanent garden gazebos, usually with an ornate fully metal structure and a polyester canopy and curtain set.

      The Answer - Universal Curtain Sets

      We are regularly asked for a "Universal" set which would provide a general fit for a number of models, rather than being specific to just one model. Whilst creating a truly universal set that would fit almost all of one size of gazebo is not quite possible, due to the variance in actual sizes of gazebo frames even with the same rough size (e.g. 3m x 3m ), we believe we have come as close as possible to this goal.

      Using a standard height of 210cm our Universal Curtain Sets will fit the leg height of most customer's Patio Gazebos. For those where this is a little long, customers can of course adjust the curtains if they wish to.

      Available options

      The 3 available options and expected arrival dates as listed below:

      - Set of 4 Curtains to fit a 2.5m x 2.5m Square Patio Gazebo - expected June 2017
      - Set of 4 Curtains to fit a 3m x 3m Square Patio Gazebo - expected May 2017
      - Set of 6 Curtains to fit a 4m Hexagonal/Round Patio Gazebo - expected June 2017

      Note to customers

      Whilst we have tried to make these as "universal" as possible, please do check the measurements and features before purchasing to make sure that they will be suitable for your particular model of gazebo. We cannot guarantee that these will fit any one model. If unsure about this then please do enquire. 

      If you wish to sign up to receive notifications on availability of any of the above models then please follow the corresponding link above to the product page, where you will find the option to leave with us your email address so that we can keep you updated on the progress.

      We always welcome customer feedback so if you have any suggestions on how we can make these even more universal then please do get in touch. Likewise if you have any general questions or enquiries about these or any other products then please don't hesitate to contact us.

      For contact options please click here.

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