5 Benefits of Fixing Your Gazebo (Rather Than Replacing It!)

5 Benefits of Fixing Your Gazebo (Rather Than Replacing It!)

Why is fixing your gazebo a better idea than replacing it?

1. Money Saving

  • For pop up and self-assembly gazebos sometimes it can take as little as a few pounds for a replacement part which will fix your gazebo.
  • For patio gazebos, a new canopy can make your gazebo look brand new for fraction of cost of a new gazebo. Party coming up? A new canopy will freshen up your gazebo, making it look like new.

    2. More Environmentally Friendly

    • We all know we should be as environmentally friendly as possible - recycle or reuse where you can! Purchasing a replacement part or canopy can extend the life of your gazebo by many years. 

    3. Convenience

    • No fiddly dismantling of the broken gazebo
    • No tip run
    • No trip to the shops - a couple of clicks and the spare part can be on the way to you.

    4. Improved Spare Parts and Canopies

    • Most of our canopies are made specifically to fit certain models of gazebos (or hammocks/swing seats or parasols/umbrellas…) so you know the canopy is going to fit perfectly. And for each of our canopies, we haven't only made them specifically to fit, we have improved them, adding extra velcro strips or eyelets for water drainage where appropriate, making them better than the originals!
    • Most of our brackets are stronger than the originals. 
    • Fancy a change? We stock some of our canopies in a choice of colours. Want to feel serene under a green canopy? Go for it! Would you rather be cool under a cream canopy? Your choice!
    • Live somewhere windy? Some of our canopies are available in our premium 'RipStop' fabric - making them more resistant to tearing - a definite upgrade.

    5. Sense of achievement

    • Not that we need much encouragement, but getting the tools out to replace that broken part, or the ladder out to change the canopy is definitely worth a nice glass of wine under the gazebo, allowing you to admire your handiwork! 

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