7 Reasons Why Our Universal Curtain Sets Might Be Just the Ones for You!

Posted by Ashleigh Bowen on

We have added a range of features to make our universal wall sets as user-friendly and cross-compatible as possible: 

  1. The curtains are made from high quality industry-grade 180g/sm polyester fabric with a water resistant PU double coating
  2. They are available in plain cream colour to pair with almost any colour canopy
  3. The include extra long 20cm velcro loop top attachments for use with metal or wooden beams
  4. The corner tie-backs to keep curtains neatly held back when not in use
  5. Zip attachments which make it possible to fasten one curtain to an adjacent curtain when in use
  6. The curtains have attachments allowing one curtain to be half-drawn
  7. Available in 3 different sizes, to fit either 2.5m square, 3m square, or 4m hexagonal/round gazebo

Universal Curtain Sets

Available options

We currently have three different sizes available. Please see the following links for more information on each size:

- Set of 4 Curtains to fit a 2.5m x 2.5m Square Patio Gazebo 
- Set of 4 Curtains to fit a 3m x 3m Square Patio Gazebo 
- Set of 6 Curtains to fit a 4m Hexagonal/Round Patio Gazebo


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