Instructions Database for Pop Up Self Assembly Patio Gazebo Hammock Swing Seat Parasol and Umbrella at Gazebo Spare Parts

Instructions Database

Picture the scene…

Saturday morning. Head to the shed to get the gazebo out. Forgot shed key. Go back into house and get shed key. Pat dog. Head back to shed. Unlock shed. Turn on light. Light not working. Flick switch off and on. Light working. Move through shed. Trip over lawnmower. Swear. Think you see something run across floor at the back of the shed. Wince. Ignore it. Find gazebo. Blow off cobweb. Try to lift gazebo. Knock over paint tins. Sigh. Try to lift gazebo again. Forgot how heavy it was. Drag gazebo. Try to get it outside. Dog in way. Tell dog to move. Get gazebo outside. It's raining. Swear. Open gazebo bag. Neighbour pops head over the fence. Roll eyes. Smile. Brief chat. Go back to gazebo. Empty onto the grass. Lay out parts. Find missing tennis racket in bag. Instructions are nowhere to be found. Shake bag. Triple check. Definitely not there. Day ruined. Partner gets mad. Swear.
Don't despair! We have updated our instructions database, which means that not only can we help you get hold of the spare parts or replacement canopies you need for your Gazebo, Swing Seat or Parasol, we now help you if you've lost one of the most important parts of the kit - the instructions!
Click here to view our instructions page. We are always adding new instructions when available so keep checking or let us know if the ones you need aren't there. Once you've found the instructions you need (organised by brand, model and catalogue number) you can view the PDF online or download it to print out yourself. Easy peasy. Now get back out there and get that gazebo up!