New Product Due in 2017 - Metal Strut at 100cm Length, Oval, White

Posted by Tom Pepper on

A new colour of strut means less conspicuous repairs!

Our new(ish!) range of Individual Metal Struts have been incredibly popular this last year or so. However, as they are rectangular in profile and grey in colour they haven't quite met all of our customer's needs....

So, due to popular demand, we are introducing a 100cm strut with two main differences - this one will be white in colour and with an oval profile.

No longer will you have to hand back the borrowed gazebo with a suspiciously darker strut in place of the one that your mate Dave tried to do a chin-up from! With both grey and white being the two most popular colours for high street gazebo frames, we're now able to get even more of you out of trouble with friends/partners/in-laws.

This strut will initially be available in just the 100cm length, but if this proves popular then expect to see a greater range of sizes soon!

Click here to check out this item, which is due in at the start of May. Plenty of time to explain to Dave that just because the gazebo instructions don't explicitly mention chin-ups doesn't mean they're a good idea. They also don't mention gazebo jousting.... 

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