Gazebo Finial Screw Knob

New Product Due in 2018 - Patio Gazebo Screw Finials

By popular demand - replacement finials are on the way!

As many of you will know, our main focus with the style of gazebo we call a "Patio Gazebo" (semi permanent, ornate steel frame) has been on providing a range of replacement canopies and curtain sets to fit the ever increasing range stocked by retailers.

Fortunately for us, our lovely customers are never too shy to ask for other parts that we don't yet stock. We are always grateful for this input as it really helps us focus our product development for the future. One of the most sought after items for Patio Gazebos, other than the canopies and curtains, has been the decorative Screw Finial found on many models of Patio Gazebo.

Not all models of gazebo feature this, in fact it's only those models where the canopy attaches to the frame via eyelets at the corners, which the finial screws through and in to the frame to hold the canopy in place. This is different to models where the canopy is either held in place with pockets or where it pulls over the edges and fixes on with velcro. You tend to find the finial design on frames with ornate scrolled metal work around the edge - the finials hold the canopy without hiding the decorate details on the frame and add a touch of style themselves.

Anyway....without getting too carried away explaining their function (too late??), we're pleased to be able to advise that they will be available to purchase later this year. We unfortunately don't have an exact date yet, as we're still designing and testing them, but we will update the product listing as soon as we have more info.

To view the product listing please click here. You'll see that you can even register your interest so please do so and we will keep you updated.

As always, if you have any questions about this item (compatibility etc) or any other item, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page!