• New Product Due in 2018 - Swing Seat Canopy Brackets

    Along with Gazebo Screw Finials, one of the most sought after but not yet stocked products on our website is the Swing Seat Canopy Bracket. Having up to now only supplied the fabric canopy for swing seats and hammocks, we thought we'd take the plunge and delve in to the surprisingly complicated world of swing seat brackets - who knew there were so many different types??.

    We're currently working on designing and developing replacements for some of the more popular types of bracket/connector and hope to have our first versions in stock later this year. 

    Here's what we ask from our lovely customers in the meantime:

    1) Please get in touch and let us know what types of brackets you're after - your enquiries about these types of item help us to know where to focus our efforts!
    2) What do you call these brackets?? Presumably most of you will have found your way here through Google search, but did you try a different key term first, and if so what was it? Swing Chair Bracket, Hammock Screw, Swing Hammock Fixing, Hammock Roof Rotating Screw, Toothed Bracket??

    We can't wait to get these products developed and listed and we also can't wait for your enquiries, comments and ideas about these brackets. As a small family business we're fortunate to be able to listen closely to all customer feedback and suggestions and it really does go in to helping us not only design better products but also point us in the right direction for what you want us to add to our range in the future.

    Oh, and Happy Easter!!!

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    • Brian Horton says...

      Can you send me any details regarding the canopy swing brackets.
      I have had one of your gazebos for several years

      10 October, 2018

    • Erik Birkeland says...

      Dear Sir,
      Im am interested in swing seat canopy bracket for Swing-05. I hope you will produce parts for this model.
      Kind regards

      Erik Birkeland

      12 September, 2018

    • Karlie Coates says...

      Hi i found you on google search, and typed in swing seat replacement canopy bracket as this is what im in desperate need of. Have u got them yet?

      Many thanks

      12 September, 2018

    • Amo bhopal says...


      I have the Homebase Malibu 3 Seater Swing Seat which you sell the canopy for but is put of stock. My canopy brackets have worn over time and have bent so aren’t keeping the canopy straight. I would ask that you add these type of brackets to you parts list as it was a very popular product.


      12 September, 2018

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