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We Are Moving

Hello everyone!

After a very strange and difficult year we have made the decision to move our business premises. Running a business through a global pandemic was bizarre to say the least and we can't thank our customers enough for supporting us through it. 

In early 2020, just before the lockdown, Luke's brother Tom left the business to pursue other projects. Although we are very excited for Tom, his departure was sad for us all and we whilst we had expected a busier year for us running the business as a team of two rather than three, we couldn't have imagined what was to come. Just after Tom left we went into a national lockdown and whilst we navigated the new rules (we were still able to trade as an online business that didn't have any contact with the public, with just the two of us from the same household), we were incredibly lucky to have our busiest ever Spring and Summer. With everyone stuck at home, we all turned to our gardens for sacred outdoor space, meaning everyone needed their gazebos up and running - which is where we come in. We can't put into words how grateful we are that our business survived 2020. Thank you to everyone that supported us through such a terrible year. We've heard from many customers that being able to enjoy their outdoor spaces meant so much to them during the lockdowns, shielding and beyond so we are very pleased to have been able to help with a small part of this.

By the Autumn we had time to turn our attention to 2021. We decided that Gazebo Spare Parts needed more space and personally we were ready for a change so we made the decision to move. We closed in December and we are in the process of getting the new warehouse ready before we can move properly towards the end of January. We are moving around 140 miles away from Wiltshire to North Hertfordshire and although current restrictions are making things more difficult, we are getting there and we're excited to start afresh in a new space for 2021. We've got a lot planned for this year and we are ready to get started.

We know we will have new problems to navigate this year - over the Christmas break we were told that our first two stock deliveries, due in February, are delayed because of problems at the docks related to Covid and Brexit. This will impact our busiest period in the Spring so we are waiting to hear how delayed these containers will be and are keeping our fingers crossed. Like everybody else, we can't predict what this year holds in terms of lockdowns and restrictions but we are trying to stay positive and focusing on the vaccine light at the end of the tunnel.

Once again, a massive thank you to all of our wonderful customers - we wish you health and happiness and a better year than the last. 

Take care,

Ashleigh & Luke (and a woof from Wilfred!)