Measurement Guide for Pop-Up Gazebo Legs

Pop-Up Gazebo Leg Measurements

A - Outer leg length 

B - Inner leg length (total) - The total length of the inner leg, measured when the inner leg is removed from the outer leg.

C - Inner leg legth (visible section not total) - The length of the visible section of inner leg when the leg is set to its highest setting. 

D - Length of complete leg when fully extended - measured when the leg is on its highest setting.

E - Outer Leg Width

F - Inner Leg Width 

Pop-Up Gazebo Leg Terminology

Telescopic leg: Collapsable pop-up gazebo legs which have an inner leg that slides inside of the outer leg. 

Outer leg: The wider box section that the inner leg slides into (usually 5mm wider than inner leg). The outer leg is the top half of the leg that has the roof top bracket and sliding brackets attached to it. 

Inner leg: The narrower box section that slides inside of the outer leg (usually 5mm narrower than outer leg).The inner leg is the lower half of the leg that has the gazebo foot attached to it. 

Brackets: Pop up legs usually have two plastic brackets, a leg top bracket that attaches to the top of the leg and the roof bars, and a sliding bracket which attaches to the cross bars and slides up the leg when the pop-up gazebo frame is put up.